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Introduction to the Kyoto Prefectural International Center

Goal of its establishment

By collaborating widely with prefectural residents, municipalities and private organisations in a variety of fields and projects, we aim to promote internationalisation of the region, international cooperation, and the creation of a multi-cultural society, and therefore create 21st Century Kyoto Prefectural citizens, promote our culture, help revitalise the region, and ultimately contribute to the advancement of world peace.


Project plans for fiscal 2014

Creating a multi-cultural society (promoting a community with exchange students)

Support projects for exchange students

  • ·        Consultation and guidance by international student support staff
  • ·        Visa consultation
  • ·        Job-seeking support

Exchange support for international students

  • ·        Regional exchange and experience programmes
  • ·        Support of introductory Japanese culture activities
  • ·        Gion Festival experience programme
  • ·        Organisation support for Kyoto Exchange Students Sports Festival
  • ·        Dissemination of information relevant for exchange students

Creating a multi-cultural society (Support of regional programmes and promotion of a multi-cultural community that is also home to non-Japanese residents)

Support programmes for times of disaster

  • ·        Provision of information and development of a support system for use in times of disaster

Japanese language learning support programmes

  • ·        Organisation of model Japanese language classes
  • ·        Development of support system for regional Japanese language-learning

Support programmes for children with international roots

  • ·        Support for parents and guardians of children with international roots

Development of a system to promote a multi-cultural society

  • ·        Public awareness towards a multi-cultural society
  • ·        Organisation of regional internationalisation network conferences
  • ·        Organisation of regional lifestyle consultation meetings with experts and specialists
  • ·        Operation of regional collaboration projects

Multi-cultural society information service project

  • ·        Multi-lingual information provision
  • ·        Successful Q&A corner for living information
  • ·        Publishing of Center News

Efforts for region-wide collaboration

Promotion of international exchange and understanding

Projects to promote international exchange and understanding

  • ·        Organisation of lectures and seminars related to international exchange and understanding

Promoting international cooperation

Projects to promote international cooperation activities

  • ·        Establishment of JICA Kyoto desk
  • ·        Organisation of international cooperation station, etc

Essential projects to achieve other goals

Taking and sale of photos for official identification use, etc

Administration of the management of the Kyoto Exchange Student House dormitory