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Kyoto Prefectural Information (March 25, 2015)

  And now information and news from the Kyoto prefectural government…

 In Japan, the number to call to request emergency police assistance is 110. Call it immediately if you’ve witnessed a crime or accident or have been victimized by a crime. When the operator answers the phone, first say what you are reporting. The operator will then ask you in order when the incident occurred and where. Remain calm and answer the questions. 110 is for emergencies only. A special number to call for complaints or advice is #9110.

The Kyoto Prefectural Police have officers on duty who speak conversational English to respond to emergency 110 calls. Please keep an eye out for koban police boxes in Kyoto Pref displaying notices in English, Chinese and Korean informing everyone that personnel can answer 110 emergency calls in simple English. Everyone’s cooperation in properly using the emergency call line is greatly appreciated.

Cases of non-Japanese residents not familiar with Japanese laws who get mixed up in crimes continue to occur. Examples include receiving payment for lending one’s resident card, student ID or public insurance card to purchase a cell phone, open a bank account or apply for a cash card for another person. Other examples are leasing an apartment or office space in your name for another person, accepting a package of unknown contents and sending it a specified address and wiring money sent to your bank account from an unknown person to another account. Even though you may not be aware of it, such actions could be tantamount to becoming a partner in a crime ring. To avoid becoming involved in such illegal activities, don’t lend your cell phone or bank account to anyone, don’t purchase anything or enter into an agreement in your name for anyone else and don’t be susceptible to what may seem like easy money making schemes. If you happen to become the victim of a crime or hear or see anything of a suspicious nature, contact the police immediately.

 That does it for this week’s information from the Kyoto prefectural government.